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IFS Applications is a different ERP software. It is not a complex and rigid like other ERP platforms. Rather than that, it is designed for the fast adjust to technology change and business, maximizing the business agility.

It´s possible to ask yourself, how can an ERP makes my projects more efficient and profitable? IFS Applications allow the more demanding global companies to manage satisfactorily the four main fundamental processes:

Service and Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO), Field Service Management (FSM).


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with support for manufacturing processes, discrete manufacturing and manufacturing demand modes.


Project management it´s a main component and can be used to maximize the ERP, Project Management Portfolio and more.

Supply Chain Management

As a support functionality for the ERP and EAM or as a powerful logistic solution of great scope in demanding environments as the aerospace and defense industry.

Full ERP

IFS Applications includes features for Financial Management, Human Resources, Quality Management, Document Management, CRM, BI, Sustainability and other important features for the whole life cycle of the products, assets, customers and projects.

IFS Foundation 1 - Application Layered Architecture & Technology



IFS Applications has long offered manufacturers an agile solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP). From the start, IFS recognized the need of manufacturers to operate seamlessly across multiple manufacturing modes. Manufacturing has become more complex, and today IFS Applications helps more and more manufacturers operate in any combination.

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management (EAM) needs to be more than a glorified computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). It needs to accommodate asset lifecycle management (ALM). And that is what IFS delivers.

Enterprise Service Management

IFS Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is a full service lifecycle management solution for every service provider. Whether you are providing service in the field, in a plant, at a customer’s home or office, in a depot environment, on linear or other capital assets, or anywhere else.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management functionality is an embedded and advanced component in IFS Applications. This makes for a powerful logistics solution in demanding environments like aerospace and defense, oilfield services or multi-location manufacturing.

Customer Relationships

IFS approaches CRM not as a standalone piece of software, but as an embedded component of ERP. This “back office CRM” means that information across the functional stack can be arranged by customer, allowing you to more profitably manage the customer lifecycle and improve service through a 360 degree view of what is going on with each customer.

Enterprise Project Management

Across the entire application, project management is a core component and can be leveraged as Project-driven ERP or even Project Portfolio Management. Plant shutdowns, product launches, engineering projects and even asset and product lifecycles can be managed intelligently in IFS Applications.


Aeroespace & Defence

IFS is a leading vendor of enterprise asset management (EAM) software to the Aerospace and Defense sector globally. We supply full-spectrum enterprise, project and program-centric manufacturing software to tier 1, 2 and 3 manufacturers and vendors serving the Aerospace and Defense sector.

Asset Intensive

IFS defines asset intensive industries as those who depend on the productivity and reliability of high-value and complex assets for their success. Often, there is a heavy health, environmental and safety (HES)


IFS Applications has a long history as a solution of choice for automotive ERP (enterprise resource planning). Our automotive customers enjoy support for the total lifecycle—from design integration through demand management, supply chain management, full-scale production, sales and aftersales service—fully integrated with financials and human resources.

Energy & Utilities

IFS got its start in the nuclear power industry, so it is not surprising that today we are recognized by analysts and the market as leaders in enterprise asset management (EAM) for the utilities industry.

Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure

Whether your organization is involved in delivering projects to design, build, refurbish or dispose of assets, or is involved in providing maintenance or facilities management services on assets, or involved in both the build and maintain stages of an asset’s life, then IFS has an excellent solution. IFS is a specialist in both Project and Asset Lifecycle Management solutions.

High Tech Manufacturing

IFS Applications delivers software for High-Tech manufacturing used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electronic manufacturing services (EMS), suppliers and distributors in the electronics and semiconductor industries in complex order-driven and mixed-mode manufacturing environments.

Industrial Manufacturing

As manufacturing becomes more project-based, ERP is evolving into true project ERP software. More industrial manufacturers every year are involved in complex, order-driven modes like engineer-to-order (ETO) and increasing need to differentiate themselves in a global marketplace.

Oil & Gas

Our focus on the oil and gas industry is evidenced by both deep industry expertise and a solid track record. IFS offers flexible, project and asset oriented solutions that manage the total contract, project, asset and service lifecycle.

Process Manufacturing

There are a lot of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for process manufacturing. But not many of them take into consideration the real complexities faced by the industry. A batch process manufacturer is by default a mixed-mode manufacturer.


IFS Retail solution covers all the business processes with an only solution based in components, that is why it´s necessary to know all the requirements of the supplier. The result is lower costs and a maximum profitability on each sale.

Service Providers

Real-time visibility and control of activities must be the focus of an enterprise software solution for Service Providers, regardless of whether work is performed on linear assets, at a customer site, in a depot or in an industrial facility.


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